Why We Still Need PageRank

March 26, 2009 at 4:57 pm Leave a comment

Until recently, I always wondered why certain websites were marked out of ten on my Google Toolbar. I found out how Google.com always got 10/10, Microsoft got 8/10, and how TESCO got 7/10, compared with El Tel Turkey Toreador’s MySpace page (which if I remember rightly stands at 1/10).

I cannot understand why people get in such a tizz over these rankings. Google’s PageRank figures serve as a measure of quality and relevance. This stops technophobes being palmed off with trashy casino sites or shady link farm schemes, which bear no resemblance from their desired subject area.

I can prove this point having searched for a similar keyword (a rather general phrase instead of a specialist one) on another search engine other than Google. The top result seemed to have had a lower PageRank figure and was a departure from the page I found at the top of Google’s results. On the latter’s results, the links were more relevant.

The reason as to why El Tel Turkey Toreador’s page got 1/10 (and of course how the mighty TESCO has 7/10) is a matter of content being freshly updated. Where the TESCO website is frequently updated, El Tel’s MySpace page was last updated 6 months ago. The latter is on a high traffic subdomain, the former its own domain and of great national importance. El Tel Turkey Toreador is only a celebrity known to fellow Stopfordians and South Manchester residents. Till last month, he was in Strangeways and shocked the local press by returning to radio so soon.

I think of the PageRank pettiness as a modern day equivalent to playing Top Trumps. High PageRank cannot be bought by link farms. Instead, it can only be gained by hard work: adding fresh content to your site, submitting it to reputable web directories, and building a website which Google and the like would love due to its ease of use. Though not the best design in the world, it is something I like about the Silver Surfers site which myself and Judy go on now and again.

I don’t like seeing my Google results (or any other search engine’s results) bombarded by low grade results leading to link farms and poker sites. I think that’s where El Tel could learn a few things as his MySpace page takes half an age to load (and this is on high speed broadband!). Actually, I think it’s the ‘me first’ mentality which is responsible for PageRank related angst.

PageRank is still relevant. How else do we avoid the link farms and scam sites?

(1657) is that the time by now? I’ve missed ‘Deal or No Deal’.  Oh well, I could catch it on Channel 4+1.

T.U., 26 March 2009.


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