Adventures in Viral Marketing Land

March 24, 2009 at 1:15 pm Leave a comment

Scene: the Ogden’s front room. Judy and Samuel are watching daytime television at the moment, only to be bombarded by an advert featuring a piano playing Jack Russell Terrier. Nelson on seeing the advert barks at its ability to play Bach.

Judy: Nelson – shut up will you (dog carries on barking) Nelson…

Samuel: You should know he’s not too keen on high pitched sound effects.

Judy: I reckon it’s the dog on the telly. I mean, why should a Jack Russell be playing the piano for a furniture advert?

Samuel: It is supposed to mean ‘you’ll be barking mad to miss these prices’. They’ve been downloading this video off YouTube like nobody’s business over the last month. It must be students watching ‘Loose Women’ between lectures.

Judy: Is it shifting any sofas? I don’t understand it.

Samuel: I’d say it is better than some smug salesmen or some annoying tune which they usually use. Anyway, I heard someone at The Nursery who said she saw the advert and fancied one of their sofas.

Judy: Does the Jack Russell come free with each purchase?


Some people must have too much time on their hands! This was our house one Sunday before ITV was about to show at least one of their three films.

I saw the video two weeks before the advert transferred to television form. The company has only traded for five years, and they started with a market stall and a self storage container. How I first found out about this revelation was through an email from Alex.

I’ve been on their website lately and found that they were doing well on Google for leather sofas in the Stockport area. They’ve also made the right moves by encouraging its users to bookmark the site on, StumbleUpon and Facebook. My local radio station DJ, El Tel Turkey Toreador was raving on about it during his drive-time show.

As well as furniture, I found that the website includes clips of its piano playing Jack Russell and a customer feedback section. Their blog is quite good too, with contributions by its staff on the latest furniture deals or less relevant stuff. I found they also had a Twitter account, so I followed them.

Wondering what this phenomenon was, Alex told me about this thing called ‘Viral Marketing’, and it all seemed to fall into place. What I like is how it combines the oldest advertising media with the most recent. If only Nelson could stop barking every time I see the advert on telly.


T.U., 24 March 2009


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